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SFR internet contract cancellation

I want to cancel my SFR internet contract. I send a AR letter dated 05 April, 2019 to SFR Resiliation TSA 30103 69947 LYON CEDEX 20.


SFR's receipt of the letter is dated 09th April, 2019, with SFR reference no. TCO201909903294.


It is mentioned on SFR website that it takes 10 days to process the cancellation. But 16 days has passed. Till now I have not got any reply from SFR on the contract cancellation.


As I cannot speak French, I was unable to ring SFR tel. no. 1023. Is there anyway to contact SFR via email or online?


How many days does SFR need to make the contract cancellation?


Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Re: SFR internet contract cancellation

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You can contact them on this page : https://assistance.sfr.fr/contacter/chat-commercial-fixe.html, but the only way to cancel your contract is with the 1023 number. I'm afraid you will have to find an english-french speaker in order to do that. Would it be possible for you ?

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Re: SFR internet contract cancellation

Thank you for your advise.


A French speaker helped me to call 1023 number to cancel the fiber contract.


SFR confirmed the cancellation by phone that the contract would be cancelled on 7th May, 2019. And the box should be returned within 3 weeks beginning 8th May.


I returned box on 11st May. SFR confirmed receipt of the returned box on 20th May, with no penalty.


However, I got an invoice recently at the amount of 43.01 euro, requesting to pay for the susbcription of the box for the period between 6th May and 5th June.


I would like to know why there is one more month's lan subscription fee after SFR cancellation confirmation.


Can SFR who speaks English call me back to explain this?

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Re: SFR internet contract cancellation

I have the same issue.  I don't live in France and don't know how to cancel my SFR contract.  I haven't been able to do this by phone.  Can anyone help?  is there an English speaking contact number I can call?