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error "etape 1/4"

my box has error code "etape 1/4" since yesterday I have tried switching it off and resetting i have tried everything nothing works please help the number 1023 does not work
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Re: error "etape 1/4"

Hello @amarella 


> the number 1023 does not work

Does not work? What do you mean: this numer is used par many customers every day, it works!

What is the result you get when dialing it (from another box that yours since it's not yet connected of course)


> my box has error code "etape 1/4" since yesterday

Here we are only customers like you.

So this kind of problem can only by solved by the official SFR customer service:

  • call 1023 on phone
  • or send a message to official SFR customer service accounts on twitter or facebook

Good luck


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