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  Désimlocker mon mobile


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Unlock Motorola Moto G


I don't speak French, except "Bonjour" and "Merci", sorry for that )

It's my third theme on this forum for last 2 years and it's all about the same sad story.

I bought Motorola Moto G in 2014. It turned out that phone is locked - when I input my SIM card in phone I see "SIM Network Unlock PIN".
Seller sent me unlock code, but that code didn't unlock phone.
I contacted with Motorola operator . Operator said, that phone with that IMEI is locked by SFR and I have to contact with SFR operator.

I don't have contract with SFR, so I don't have access to assistance chat, can't send official mail or call to support.

I read instruction on SFR site about unlocking mobile, but it doesn't help, because I'm not SFR customer.


So, is there any chance to get NCK for my Moto G somehow?

Merci )


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Re : Unlock Motorola Moto G


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For your IMEI. ....*#06#

Bonne soirée. 

Vous avez trouvé la solution ?

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